Inspired by the long nights, breathtaking beauty and multi-cultural people of Iceland and Canada.

Over 4000 6k paintings are woven into this 1-of-1 ultra HD animation. Emotionally charged art that is perfect for that one collector that resonates with being its exclusive owner. 

Icelandic Circles is a testament to the adventurous spirit and resilience of my ancestors, the Gislason family, who embarked on a transformative journey from the rugged landscapes of Iceland to the welcoming embrace of New Iceland (Lundar), Manitoba in Canada. Their migration, marked by courage and determination, brought with them a rich tapestry of traditions, stories, and a deep connection to the awe-inspiring landscapes they once called home. I will forever be connected to the fabric of both Icelandic and Canadian cultures, binding the two distant worlds, in a harmonious embrace, through my art & music.

Recorded at Salt Spring Studios
Ultra HD Animation by SpaDogs
Composed and Orchestrated by Andrew Emil Stark
Mixed and Mastered at Salt Spring Studios in Spatial Audio