Quadraphonic was the first surround sound format, but much more than most modern day formats. They key difference is matching speakers on the sides and front. A true breakthrough in audio, enveloping sound all around you. 

The speaker placement pictured above is an effective way to monitor and listen to Quadraphonic recordings. However any surround sound system can be used to decode the signal as Quadraphonic is encoded using Involve Encode™ Surround Stereo down-mix & universal stereo audio format. This also means that Stereo playback is seamless. 

Working with, and playing back in, Quadraphonic 4.2. is very enjoyable. Once a quad mix is created, it is mixed down to stereo to ensure a great stereo image. The quad file is then bounced to a mastering project where it is encoded into a 4.2 surround sound file. This is an analogue process that takes the signal out of the DAW, to the encoder, and back to the DAW through an analogue preamplifier. This step adds additional warmth to the signal. 

Once encoded, the stereo file is ready to be mastered for delivery. This is the process where secret sauce is applied, and the output is set for its final destination, playback on your earbuds, headphones, stereo, surround sound system or Quadraphonic 4.2.