Stark Records

The Stark Records Label: A Trademark of Quality and Creativity

In the expansive realm of the music industry, the Stark Records label stands as a hallmark of innovation, artistry, and professionalism. A registered trademark of Salt Spring Studios, Stark Records showcases the artistic prowess of two core entities: Stark Sound Lab and the artist known as Emil. 

Stark Sound Lab, an experimental music and sound design studio, is renowned for its ability to push the boundaries of sound.  Their compositions are a testament to the art of auditory experimentation, taking listeners on a journey through uncharted soundscapes. 

Emil's original compositions are a testament to the harmony between the organic and the digital. With a profound connection to music, Emil crafts pieces that invite the audience to delve deep into a world of diverse and immersive sound, where each note tells a unique story.

Music released under the Stark Records label is registered with SOCAN, RESound, Mediabase, and ASCAP