The Bridge, spanning the Golden Gate’s one-mile-wide strait, connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean holds a special place in my heart.

I was employed by the Bridge District during the 70s and 80s, crossing it several times each day.  What a sight and experience from all angles.  

The paintings in this collection were inspired by photos I took of the bridge from the Pacific Ocean.  I reimagined my photos with digital paints to create “The Bridge” and “The City”.   

I recorded whilst painting to create the video legendary editions. I then captured and enhanced still images from the recorded layers. These layers are used to create generative paintings with the async blueprint tool. 

My original score for each painting contains sounds from the bridge, bay and ocean. These sounds are generatively layered with the music.  There are two strings arrangements, one for each painting “The Bridge” and “The City”.

As a composer and visual artists I am very pleased with this music blueprint as it captures the true majesty of the Golden Gate. 

Recorded at Salt Spring Studios
Music & Art by Emil
Video by SpaDogs

Quadraphonic is encoded using Involve Encode™ Surround Stereo down-mix & universal stereo audio format