An expression of despair with solo violin, cello and soft piano, the music echoes like the deserted streets that defined our world in early 2020 after COVID 19 forced global mandatory lockdowns. 

The original watercolour reflects the jagged edges and cracks of a broken world.

This extremely unique and rare Blueprint has two editions: a quadraphonic music NFT with original watercolour painting, and a Video Legendary Edition with quadraphonic music and an original line drawing animation depicting an empty world. 

Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of creative history. 

Recorded at Salt Spring Studios
Composed by Emil Gislason
Performed by Emil G Music
Mixed and Mastered by SpaDogs
Video Animation by SpaDogs
Original Watercolour by SpaDogs

Quadraphonic is encoded using Involve Encode™ Surround Stereo down-mix & universal stereo audio format