Inspired by the Summer Garden pond and bubbling waterfall behind Salt Spring Studios, this generative music and art blueprint surrounds you with a sense of peace and well-being through ambient music and original watercolour painting.

Four different colour ranges depict the changing light in the garden, as the sun and clouds move overhead, while the sunflowers reach for the sky. Rising bubbles reflect images of the natural environment, including butterflies, bees, birds and even a frog. 

The music perfectly mirrors the water gently cascading down the rocks into the pond.

Creating art is a passion, from nature’s inspiration to the studio where the magic begins to take shape. For this project the music was performed and written in the moment, on piano, with fingers flowing down the keyboard like water.

The paintings evolved from the minds eye, envisioning the many aspects that make up the Summer Garden symphony. Colour, light and texture were blended together to tell the story. 

This NFT project is your chance to own a piece of this vision, and by extension a piece of the future of music and art.

Music Recorded at Salt Spring Studios
Composed by Emil Gislason
Original watercolours by SpaDogs
Music Performed by Emil G Music