Ring-Tunes is an experimental musical landscape that is framed by the rhythms of a 1940s Northern Electric Telephone being dialled. The numbers are randomly generated, creating a unique rhythm for each piece of music. 

Ring-Tune NFTs display Klondike-5, the most famous telephone exchange in the world. Each Telephone is generated with a unique Klondike-5 (555) number. Each Ring-Tune plays music while your exclusive telephone number is being dialled.  

Possible Klondike-5 numbers include, but are not limited to:

555-2368 Rockford Files
555-0123 Bruce Almighty
555-3226 The Simpsons – Mr. Plow
555-0100 Vegas Vacation – Club Areola
555-2368 Ghostbusters – The Ghostbusters
555-0840 Billy Madison – Danny McGraf
555-4679 Swingers – Mikey’s number
555-3455 Seinfeld – Kramer’s telephone
555-0113 Arrested Development – Gene Parmesan: Private Eye
555-0001 Die Hard With a Vengeance – Simon’s riddled number
555-6162 The A-Team – Hannibal’s mobile phone
555-6666 Saved By the Bell – Screech's Spaghetti Sauce
555-1234 The Mask – Mitch Kellaway's wife
555-1111 The Simpsons – Seller of Norwegian Forest Cats in classified ad
555-3333  Late Night with David Letterman – Jonathan Greene
555-3456 Seinfeld –  (FILM) Moviefone
555-1212 Air Force One –  Washington, DC information
555-4545 A Nero Wolfe Mystery –  Archie Goodwin
555-1313 All the President's Men –  Mullen and Company Public Relations
555-1300 The Simpsons –  Dog-Days canine obedience
555-1616 Custody –  Mow 'Em and Grow 'Em Lawn Care
555-8383 Jerry Seinfeld’s car phone number

Whose number will you get? The possibilities are almost endless. Mint now, mint often.

Legendary Editions include:

BUtterfield-8-1960: A phone exchange based on a 1935 novel and made famous by Elizabeth Taylor in 1960.

LOnsome-7-7203: A phone exchange and number made famous in 1963  by the hit single of same name by Hawkshaw Hawkins, written by Justin Tubb.

PEnnsylvania-6-5000: A phone exchange and number best known from the 1940 hit song "Pennsylvania-6-5000", a swing jazz and pop standard recorded by the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

TRansylvania-6-5000: A phone exchange and number best known for a 1963 cartoon starring Bugs Bunny. And later for a 1985 American/Yugoslav horror comedy film about two tabloid reporters who travel to modern-day Transylvania.

Music Recorded at Salt Spring Studios
Original Photography by SpaDogs
Music Performed by Emil G Music

This innovative and fun generative Music Blueprint has 3000 mintable editions to increase your opportunity to own the number of your dreams. 

CC BY-NC 4.0 License