The original Lo-fi recording was made in 1979, played on a Kawai Parlour Grand piano, captured on a portable cassette recorder to a Memorex Cassette tape. 

In 2021 two additional pianos, a 1911 Bechstein upright and Vintage Vibe, were added to fill in the bottom end. These were mixed with 1,000 vocal (and vocal-like) sounds, to add an ethereal dynamic. The percussion consists of Timpani and Tubular Bells.

Each time-particle layer features a different blend of additional sounds that add sheen, phasing, instability and ghosts.

All of these together make up four uniquely rare NFTs presented with an original watercolour painting depicting the ghostly presence of the past. 

Recorded at Salt Spring Studios
Mixed and mastered by Emil Gislason
Composed by Donna Stark
Arranged by Emil Gislason
Music Performed by Donna Stark & Emil G Music
Original Watercolour by SpaDogs