Public Sale January 24, 2023

10 original progressive rock singles, each with a blend of orchestral elements mixed with synths, keys, guitars and percussion. Granular synthesis is used on many of the tracks, taking organic orchestral instrumentation to the next level.

This retro collection is reminiscent of progressive rock from the late 60s through the 70s, with a granular twist.

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Public Sale January 10, 2023

Ghost Echoes is a quadraphonic EP with three original tracks and three alternate variations. This collection has a total of six unique tracks and one Legendary Edition.

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Public Sale February 7, 2023

An expression of despair with solo violin, cello and soft piano, the music echoes like the deserted streets that defined our world in early 2020 after COVID 19 forced global mandatory lockdowns.

The original watercolour reflects the jagged edges and cracks of a broken world.

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Pre Sale February 21, 2023, Public Sale February 22, 2023

Raven is a powerful figure who transforms the world from loss, to prophecy, to insight. Raven connects the material world with the world of spirits beyond. Raven is a collection of original, generative, poetry, music and art.

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Golden Gate

Coming Soon!

The Bridge, spanning the Golden Gate’s one-mile-wide strait, connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean holds a special place in my heart.

The paintings in this collection were inspired by photos I took of the bridge from the Pacific Ocean. I reimagined my photos with digital paints to create “The Bridge” and “The City”.

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