Art & Music Collectables 

Step into the enchanting realm of Salt Spring Studios where creativity knows no bounds and the lines between art and music blur in a dance of mixed and multimedia. Here, music and art are not just creations but exclusive Digital Collectibles, each a symphony of vivid visuals and harmonious sounds, meticulously crafted to captivate your senses. 


SpaDogs Collections

Art and Music at your fingertips, a world where creativity takes centre stage. Experience the profound universality of art and music, the timeless languages that effortlessly stir the depths of our hearts and souls.

Join this thrilling journey, and if you're inspired, take the next step to make these extraordinary creations a part of your world. Print them on mint them on, and let the magic of SpaDogs' art and music enrich your life. 

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SpaDogs presents the art and music of Stark Sound Lab!

Vintage synthesizers; Prophet 12, OB-6, CS-80, Jupiter-8, Moog Voyager, Moog Model-D, Vintage Vibe and vintage electronic percussion take you on a retro-Journey “Back to the Lab” 

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This is an exclusive blind-mint drop featuring 25 one-of-one Digital Collectibles, each with a unique painting from the collection.

Emil G Music takes you on a fanciful flight around the world filled with violins, cellos, grand piano, vintage synths and percussion.  

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