GO - Released September 11, 2017

GO - Released September 11, 2017


Stark Sound Lab has just released its latest record ‘GO’ an Original Realife™ Soundtrack recording.   


This recording tells the story of a young GO player, becoming 1-dan, competing in a tournament only to suffer ultimate death.


Andy Stark has recorded a series of pioneering progressive rock music albums & EPs under the code name Stark Sound Lab (SSL), a Progressive Rock inspired experimental music project that creates original music and soundtracks. 

GO is his latest, an Original Realife™ Soundtrack recording that was written to tell the story of a young GO player, becoming 1-dan, competing in a  tournament only to suffer ultimate death. The story begins with with the ‘Tales of GO’, learning the game from ‘Sensei’ to the struggles of achieving ‘1-dan’ then on to ’Tournament Play’ which leads to ‘Atari’ and ultimate failure ’Death’.

For detailed track notes please visit http://records.starkrecords.ca.  

Recorded, mixed and engineered at Salt Spring Studios, Oakville, Ontario.  
Composed by Andy Stark (Stark Sound Lab)
Album Art by SpaDogs
Arranged by Andy Stark
Performed by Andy Stark

Digital Distribution - Stark Records
The beginnings of Stark Sound lab go back to 1968, when the fledgling Moog synthesizer was just becoming part of the mainstream. At that time Andy had a strong interest in electronic music and began making experimental tape recordings. This continued into the early 1980s, when the pressures of earning a living took Andy on a 30-year detour into a career of marketing.

In July of 2016 Andy recommitted to his music on a full-time basis. In the fall of that year, Andy started releasing his library of works in digital stores worldwide.

GO (Original Realife™ Soundtrack) is now available from over 700 digital music stores online worldwide. 

-Primrose Cornwall
Staff Writer
Stark Records

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