Dance Lab - Released October 22, 2017

Dance Lab - Released October 22, 2017


Andy Stark (A.K.A. Stark Sound Lab), releases 'Dance Lab'


Stark Sound Lab has just released ‘Dance Lab’ its first entry into the world of EDM.

Stark Sound Lab (SSL), a Progressive Rock inspired experimental music project that creates original music and soundtracks, has just released 'Dance Lab’. 

Dance Lab marks Stark Sound Lab's first entry into the world of EDM. Like many of SSLs recordings, vintage Moog and other analogue instruments are used.

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Recorded, mixed and engineered at Salt Spring Studios, Oakville, Ontario.  
Composed by Andy Stark (Stark Sound Lab)
Album Art by SpaDogs
Arranged by Andy Stark
Performed by Andy Stark

Digital Distribution - Stark Records
The beginnings of Stark Sound lab go back to 1968, when the fledgling Moog synthesizer was just becoming part of the mainstream. At that time Andy had a strong interest in electronic music and began making experimental tape recordings. This continued into the early 1980s, when the pressures of earning a living took Andy on a 30-year detour into a career of marketing.

In July of 2016 Andy recommitted to his music on a full-time basis. In the fall of that year, Andy started releasing his library of works in digital stores worldwide.

Even with all of the technological changes in music production over the years, Andy still composes on and for his vintage Moog instruments, combining electronic music with modern orchestration to create Progressive Rock, Dance and Soundtrack music.

"I am looking forward to bringing my music to the world with all of the analogue richness of my vintage Moog instruments. With an eye on pressing to vinyl, I have taken great care to master my recordings for this wonderful medium. Being an older adult with a wealth of experience in many areas, getting back to my roots seems like a very natural progression."

- Andy (A.K.A. Stark Sound Lab)

Dance Lab is now available from over 700 digital music stores online worldwide. 

-Primrose Cornwall
Staff Writer
Stark Records

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