Barkin' Dog Blues - Released June 23, 2018


Andy Stark (A.K.A. Stark Sound Lab), releases Barkin' Dog Blues


Stark Sound Lab has just released the new hit single, Barkin' Dog Blues. This fun new track features Barkin' Dog Performers: Wally & Rosie.


Stark Sound Lab (SSL), is an experimental music project that creates original music for the performing arts, new media art, broadcast media and soundtracks.

Barkin' Dog Blues is a 12 bar blues tune with an improv Jazz lead.

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Recorded, mixed and engineered at Salt Spring Studios, Oakville, Ontario.
Composed by Andy Stark (Stark Sound Lab)
Album Art by SpaDogs
Arranged by Andy Stark
Performed by Andy Stark
Vocals by Andy Stark
Barkin' Dog Performers: Wally & Rosie

Digital Distribution - Stark Records
Listen Live on BRAT Radio Toronto,

Barkin' Dog Blues is now available online to stream or purchase worldwide.

-Primrose Cornwall
Staff Writer
Stark Records

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